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Mountain Ridges, Glacier Bay National Park, Southeast Alaska

Forested mountain ridges shrouded in fog, Glacier Bay National Park, Southeast Alaska

“In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.” — Robert Green Ingersoll  

Best Sights and Restaurants of Southeast Alaska

Fishing wharfs, Sitka, Alaska

Here are my favorite sights and restaurants in Southeast Alaska, along with a few tips for getting around when traveling via the Alaska Marine Highway System without a car. Favorite Sights in Southeast Alaska #1  Glacier Bay National Park While Tracy Arm (see #2 below) probably has an edge over Glacier Bay on visually stunning […]

Southeast Alaska Day 15 – Wildlife of Glacier Bay

Sea otter, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

July 13, 2012 Today we toured Glacier Bay on the catamaran operated by Glacier Bay Lodge & Tours.  Though it was cold and drippy, and Friday the thirteenth, luck was with us from a wildlife point of view. The tour ran all the way up Glacier Bay to the head of Tarr Inlet, where the […]

Southeast Alaska Day 14 – Mount Roberts Tramway and Arrival in Glacier Bay

Forest Loop Trail, Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

July 12, 2012 Today we shelled out $72.50 for two adults and a child to ride the Mount Roberts Tramway up the side of Mount Roberts.  We are definitely back in the “Alaska Tourist Zone” again with all the high-priced gift shops, jewelry stores and spendy attractions that surround the cruise ship docks.  Our time […]