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Carnival Kicks Off in Lucerne

Thursday, February 4, 2016 (Dirty Thursday) Lucerne, Switzerland Carnival season has kicked off here in Lucerne, with tens of thousands of costumed Swiss partiers prowling the streets for parades, music and street partying.  40-50 marching bands, many dressed as monsters, wander from plaza to plaza pounding their drums late into the night to entertain the […]

Southeast Alaska Day 6 – 4th of July Ketchikan Style

Native American dancers performing in Ketchikan's Fourth of July parade

July 4, 2012 Independent bookseller Parnassus Books made for a nice place to hang out while waiting for the parade to start.  Purchased the beautiful photo book  Misty Fjords, by Chip Porter, and enjoyed a delicious slice of the store owner’s homemade apple pie, one of four flavors to choose from. Hundreds of people lined […]