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Mosquito Legend Pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Alaska

Mosquito Legend Pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Sitka, Alaska

“I always think of the Pacific Northwest as giant trees, and rain, and clouds and dampness, like the Native American art from that area.” — Kyle MacLachlan

Southeast Alaska Day 21 – Sitka

Virgin Mother of God, painting, St Michaels Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska

July 19, 2012 Today we toured through Sitka, Alaska, first visiting the Russian Orthodox St. Michael’s Cathedral located right smack in the middle of Lincoln Street.  It was interesting to learn about Orthdox Christianity, such as its split with what became the Catholic church after the Orthodox rejected the idea of centralizing power with the […]

Southeast Alaska Day 20 – Sitka National Historical Park

Totem pole, Sitka National Historic Park, Sitka, Alaska

July 18, 2012 Motoring along at top speeds just a little over 40 miles per hour, the catamaran Fairweather whisked us from Juneau to Sitka in just over four hours.  This is one of Alaska Marine Highway System’s newest, fastest and most maneuverable car ferry, perfect for navigating the narrow waters of Peril, Neva and […]

Southeast Alaska Day 18 – Alaska State Museum

Seal decoy helmet, Alaska State Museum, Juneau, Alaska

July 16, 2012 The Alaska State Museum in downtown Juneau provides world-class exhibits on the culture of early northern Native Americans, settlement of Alaska by Russians and the subsequent sale of the territory to the United States, and Alaska’s role in fighting the Japanese in the Aleutian Islands during World War II. For me, the […]

Southeast Alaska Day 8 – Petroglyph Beach

Petroglyph on Petroglyph Beach, Wrangell, Alaska

July 6, 2012 One of Wrangell’s highlights is a visit to Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park, about a mile north of town.  Dozens of petroglyphs are scattered on boulders, making this the highest known concentration of petroglyphs in Southeast Alaska. Most of the rock art here depicts faces, circles, spirals and animals.  Nobody knows their […]

Southeast Alaska Day 6 – 4th of July Ketchikan Style

Native American dancers performing in Ketchikan's Fourth of July parade

July 4, 2012 Independent bookseller Parnassus Books made for a nice place to hang out while waiting for the parade to start.  Purchased the beautiful photo book  Misty Fjords, by Chip Porter, and enjoyed a delicious slice of the store owner’s homemade apple pie, one of four flavors to choose from. Hundreds of people lined […]

Southeast Alaska Day 5 – Totem Bight State Historical Park

Thunderer's Pole, Totem Bight State Historical Park, Ketchikan, Alaska

July 3, 2012 Totem Bight State Historical Park makes for a fascinating half-day excursion from downtown Ketchikan, Alaska.  Started in 1938, the Civilian Conservation Corps hired local Native carvers to duplicate original totem poles that were eroding away in abandoned villages.  New poles were carved right next to the originals, which were brought in from […]

Southeast Alaska Day 4 – Ketchikan

Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska

July 2, 2012 Funny thing about this town:  once the cruise ships leave in the late afternoon, the town (or at least this part of the town) practically shuts down.  That means eating dinner at the same few restaurants that remain open.  My recommendation for a Ketchikan dinner:  Annabelle’s Restaurant.  Favorite meal (for second night […]

Southeast Alaska Day 3 – A Rainy Day in Ketchikan

Detail on Raven Stealing the Sun totem pole

July 1, 2012 Our ferry arrived in Ketchikan at 7:30am to light rain, and dropped off bags at the New York Hotel lobby on Creek Street.  From here, we found a quick hot oatmeal breakfast at the 50’s-styled Pioneer Café. Next, we visited the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, with a scenic film about Southeast Alaska, […]